How we helped Turtle Rock RV Resort with Facebook


Turtle Rock RV Resort Facebook page

During our stay at Turtle Rock RV Resort I learned of a challenge the Park Manager had. They had 2 Facebook pages! The manager wanted to choose one and delete the other.

Here is how I merged 2 Facebook pages into 1 for Turtle Rock RV Resort

  1. Start by gaining the admin credentials to both pages. In my case the manager had both. If you do not, you would need to contact Facebook for further assistance.
  2. Logged in as a admin to each Facebook page, check the name, address, and phone numbers listed on the Facebook pages. Make sure they match. If not, edit the page with the wrong information.
  3. Next, check to see if both admins have Liked the page they do not control. This is necessary for the next step to happen. If a party has not liked the other party’s page, log-in as the admin of that person to Like the other page.
  4. Ok, so now you need to invite the other party to become a admin. You do this through Facebook. While logged in as an administrator, click on the Settings > Roles. On the page that loads look for the Invite area and add the person’s email address associated with their Facebook log-in. Note: The email address should automatically populate in the field after keying in a few characters as Facebook will recognize because the person Liked your page. Send the invite.
  5. Log into as the recipient of the invite go to the Notifications bell icon. You should see the invitation message from Facbook. Open and accept.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 so both parties are listed as admins on both pages.
  7. While logged in as a admin, go to the Settings > Roles and locate the person who now has admin credentials. From here you can change the level of role to full administrator.
  8. Repeat step 7 for the other party. Now both Facebook pages list both admins on each and each admin has full control over both pages.
  9. Now you can attempt to Merge the 2 Facebook pages. Click here to reach the Facebook article on how to do this. In my case Facebook would not merge them right away. I had to wait until a specific date, about a week as I remember, since the admin added was so new to the page.
Facebook merge attempt alert

After the waiting period I returned to the page we wanted to keep. Logged in as a admin I went through the setups Facebook provide to merge the pages and it went through immediately. I ran searches and found the bad page was not longer available, and the likes and follows from the old page was added to the new page.

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